• "THE SPIRIT OF FRIENDSHIP", a film about our project, is now available. It is offered in both German and English languages and can be purchased from Petra Eweleit for 3,00 Euros.
"Strangers Become Friends" on YouTube!
"Strangers Become Friends" on Facebook (in English): Part1 , Part 2
  • The German-Canadian newspaper "Albertaner" has run a story about our project's prize from German Federal Ministry. The editor Arnim Joop said: „Germany needs more initiatives like that of yours".


  • 21.06.2018     International Stammtisch Café Nerly at 8 pm 
Fete de la Musique - everywhere in Erfurt from 4pm is music on the streets, in cafés, bars and parks
Meeting point 8 pm at the bar in Café Nerly (you can come before, if you want to listen to the music)

Running Order in Nerly:

16Uhr Aliya Thon (Liedermacher)
17Uhr Joyce November (Liedermacher)
18Uhr Eule Müller (Pop/Rock Unplugged)
19Uhr Scurra Koboldrock (Irish Folk)
20Uhr Spark of Hope (Melodic Skatepunk)
21Uhr Vibration Syndicate (Ska Confusion)

  • 19.07.2018     International Stammtisch Café Nerly at 8 pm
  • 16.08.2018    International Stammtisch Café Nerly at 8 pm
  • 20.09.2018    International Stammtisch Café Nerly at 8 pm

Coming up Wintersemester 2018/2019

16.09.2018     Intercultural Picknick

28.10.2018    Buchenwald  - Tour in English and German with GAC Erfurt e.V.

09.11.2018     Welcome Reception

11.11.2018     Tour Art Exhibition

01.12.2018     Excursion