Intercultural and professional competence for Thuringian companies

Cooperation with companies Intercultural and professional competence for Thuringian companies Besides the primary goal of encouraging cultural exchange by matching up international students and the people of Erfurt, the project "Strangers become Friends" would also like to contribute to helping Thuringian companies meet with international students.

The approximately 500 students that study in various programs at the University of Erfurt and the University of Applied Sciences of Erfurt have foreign language skills and intercultural competence. We invite Thuringian companies to profit from their presence in Erfurt by giving the students a chance to put their skills and abilities to use and to gain insight into local businesses.

Cooperation between the project "Strangers become Friends" can take many forms. One idea is for international students to visit companies, see presentations about businesses, do short internships, take on part-time jobs, participate in project work, and do translations for the companies. The students' foreign language and intercultural skills can be used to generate or increase business contacts in their countries of origin and to thus enter new markets.

Please read our letter to companies for more information. We look forward to hearing from companies ("Form for interested companies") and from students ("Form for interested students").